Excuse Me, You May Not Want to Hear This, but Your Partner is a Narcissist

Excuse me, you may not want to hear this, but your partner is a narcissist, and I would like to help you avoid this type of relationship. Business partnerships can be like relationships. Relationships require time, effort, and commitment, as well as mutual trust and respect. But even the most successful partnerships can fail. I would like to help you identify if you are in a narcissistic partnership. This is because not identifying a narcissist in a business relationship can cost you a fortune while draining your energy. It can keep you from focusing on what is important. A narcissist is described as an individual that is obsessed with success and puts their needs first while they belittle others. A narcissist in business does whatever it takes to achieve success and reach their goals. Honestly, you may not know that you are currently in a narcissistic business relationship, but my hope is that by the end of this article, readers will be able to identify if they are dealing with a narcissistic partner or not. Do not get me wrong; this relationship feels good at first. Honestly, the narcissistic partnership seems too good to be true because some narcissists can be very charming, but they will not think twice before taking advantage of other people to achieve their goals. When the reflags surface in this type of business relationship, pay close attention and do not turn the other cheek. Narcissistic partners also tend to be manipulative, and may use their power to force their views on others. If you do not react quickly, the narcissist will see you as weak or vulnerable. A narcissistic business partner may devalue your contributions and make you feel worthless. They will refuse to take responsibility for their actions and seek excuses for their mistakes. I hope that my audience will by the end of this post, be able to understand if they are in a narcissistic relationship, and how to handle the partnership going forward.

Excuse me, if you are still reading this, you may be in a narcissistic relationship. If you are in a relationship and the other party is making it all about themselves, they are always needing attention and affirmation; he or she is showing narcissist signs. If someone is triggered or over-reactive to criticism, they have traits of a narcissist. If they feel they are always right, that they know more, or that they are the best, these are also signs of narcissism. Narcissistic individuals only care about you when you are beneficial to them or their needs. A narcissistic relationship can lead to a lot of emotional distress. Can I be honest with you all? I recently was in a narcissistic relationship and trust me, it did not feel good. I am still recovering. Let me take you back to the beginning when I met a charming fellow that I began to do business with. When I first met this gentleman, he was overly friendly and seems to be experienced in his line of work. Long story short, I and the narcissists started doing business together. However, I did not know that the narcissist had his own agenda, and that he wanted to do business with me because it would mainly benefit him. At the time, I was an easy target for the narcissist because I had no boundaries in place. I had others telling me about the narcissist and their behavior, but I was too blind to see the abuse and destruction. Eventually, I started to discover the lying and manipulative ways of the narcissist, but that was not enough for me to leave the relationship. Beware because the narcissist is good at convincing you that the relationship will last forever, and you will believe it. The narcissist does things so that you can be dependent on them and that is one of the ways the narcissist tricks you into believing that you cannot accomplish the same goals without them. Now that I am out of the narcissistic partnership, I am so happy and relieved. At one point, I thought I could neither do business without them nor did others want to do business with me. The narcissist had me conformable and complacent in the relationship while he reaped all the benefits of my business success. To be truthful, to leave this partnership, I had to get therapy. To this date, the narcissist has left an impact on my life that I am sure will last forever, but in the end, will make me stronger.

Excuse me, your partner is a narcissist and I hope this blog post was helpful. If no one has told you this, I will tell you; you are enough. You do not have to draft up agreements, avoid taking things personally or use negotiation to do business with a narcissist. Do not be in denial, once you have recognized that you are dealing with a narcissist, immediately begin to establish healthy boundaries and keep an emotional distance when necessary. What you must realize is that to do good business with the narcissist, they must overcome their self-centered and negative traits which will be difficult for them to do. Honestly, you were just a pond on the narcissist chest board and once they discard you, they will be on to lookout for their next victim. Please do not get caught up in the lying web of the narcissist. It is not worth your peace and I know you love your peace. I know you cannot believe that you have been doing business with a narcissist and it is real. The business that you work so hard to build up is not only at risk, your mental health is also at risk, and trust me; no relationship is worth your health. I always suggest getting someone that will hold you accountable. Breaking up a relationship is hard, and the grievance period feels like death, but trust me, it will get easier. You will be glowing, and your money will be back to flowing in no time.

My name is Brittneyann Cover; I am a financial literacy expert. I am also a life coach and real estate creative. I help millennials, parents, teens, and couples develop discipline with their income so that they can have a better outcome of life through my blog, speaking, community and events.

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