Moving to Another State with No Job or Money

Have you ever woken up one day and was not happy with what surrounded you and knew you had to move? Moving is hard. And moving to a new place without a job, or money, and during a global pandemic is even harder. The experience is better imagined. In an ideal world, one must have their finances intact before moving, especially, to a new location but it does not always seem to work that way. Sometimes one may need a new scenery and a fresh start, so, with a plan, moving to another state with no funds does not have to be so bad. Proper planning mitigates the uncertainties and difficulties customary with relocation without money and job.

We have all heard stories about people moving to somewhere new with just a little money in their pockets and they somehow made it work. It is never an impossible mission but likely a difficult one. Today, I am a living proof. Out of experience, I can tell you that you too can make it happen, but you must keep in mind your own personal situation as well as your own personal solutions. However, I can tell you that I moved during a pandemic from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Orlando, Florida and it has been a success. I cannot guide you through each step that you will need to take but I can go over a few tips that I used which I believe will make your transition a little bit easier:

1. Pack lightly. Moving to a new state is a sign of change and you do not want to bring the baggage from your past to your new destination. Bring business clothes, important paperwork and only the necessities that are needed to get you by on a day to day basis at your new location. For me when I moved, I left all my furniture and most of my personal belongings in Philadelphia and only took the important things that could fit in my car. Leave behind unnecessary baggage; it can make your relocation tedious and unpalatable. Anything that the cost of procuring a new one is lesser than the cost of transporting it to the new location is not worth taking along.
2. Start a budget and stick to it. Budgets can make moving cheaply realistic. Instead of just including moving-related expenses you should include any living expenses you will have in the new state. For me, I was able to rent out my old living space with all the furniture with Airbnb for extra income check with your landlord or local laws to see if this is possible for you. Also, I put a lot of my expenses on my credit card. If you choose to do this option, be careful because debt can quickly rack up if you do not have a steady source of income to pay it down.
3. Find a place to stay. While not everyone will be able to stay with family, friends, sign a lease, or buy a home prior to moving but at least have some neighborhoods to check out once you arrive. Check out roommate listings through platforms like Craig’s list and look for short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb. When I first moved to Florida, I lived in Airbnb for the first few months. I like the idea of utilizing Airbnb because I was able to see the many different communities Orlando had to offer while still maintaining my privacy and budget. Never set out to your new place without an adequate prearrangement of where to rest your head while you sort things out in your new abode.
4. Have a job lined up. If possible before you move, start looking for employment. Apply for different jobs in the new area that you would like to live in. Depending on how quickly you would like to get the ball rolling, you can start with a bridge job. A bridge job could be a restaurant job, home care or anything quick you can get your hands on to get a proof of income until you find a long term employment.
5. Get to know your new surroundings. Get out and find groups of people and events in your new area. Look into the many different schools, programs, or local dining. After being in a new state, I decided to get my real estate license. Obtaining my license allowed me to add to my skill sets and to connect with like-minded. Get yourself acclimatized with your new home; it will expose you to available opportunities, places and relevant personalities.

I hope this helps you with certain aspects of moving to a different state. If you do not have a particular relocation destination in mind, I would strongly recommend checking out the Central Florida area. I am a realtor in the Central Florida area, and I would appreciate your business. I am a professional that finds deep satisfaction in working hard with family and friends to achieve a goal. Give me a call (407) 405-1793 or email me at

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