Wow, Airbnb I Was Not Expecting This to Happen with My First Reservation

If you are reading this, you probably want to know about what happened with my very first reservation as an Airbnb host. If you are interested in Airbnb hosting, continue to read this post. Today, I want to let you know the good, bad, and the ugly about Airbnb hosting. I want to give this information to you because I care, and I do not want you to make the same mistakes that I made as an Airbnb host. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and travel limitations, Airbnb hosts have undergone a drop in bookings and are struggling to find new guests. To keep their businesses thriving, hosts are turning their property into Airbnb long-term rentals. Are you considering hosting long-term Airbnb guests? Keep reading to learn how Airbnb works for long-term rentals.

We all hear the good things about Airbnb like how it is an American company that began in 2008. We hear that Airbnb is excellent for a cost-effective trip for travelers or residual income for hosts. Airbnb is a known platform that has millions of host and travelers that create accounts to showcase their space and book exclusive accommodations all over the world. Airbnb’s business model includes trusted services. Airbnb is supposed to make sharing easy, enjoyable, and safe. The platform claims to verify personal profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system that hosts and guests can communicate, and manage a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments. The good thing about Airbnb is that it is supposed to be safe and will protect hosts. Those that host on Airbnb believe since the platform checks the identification of the guest, the guest will be of good quality. The great news is when you identify a red flag; you can decline guest from entering your space regardless of steady revenue throughout the year.

If you are still reading this post, you are probably wondering what is so bad about Airbnb. I am here to tell you that Airbnb has its cons. One of the cons of Airbnb is that long term guest that stay30 days or more, the booking money is not upfront. What that means is if you are hosting and have a guest that stays in your space for more than 30 days; basically, you have a month-to-month agreement with that guest through Airbnb and funds will disburse in 30 day increments. Having a guest for more than 30 days makes these guests potential tenants based on your local laws. With a fixed monthly fee, you will not be able to adjust the price during a high season to maximize your profit. Also, you will have less freedom to manage your Airbnb space as you like.

I hope you are getting an understanding of what Airbnb offers hosts? Airbnb provides advantages for hosts because Airbnb holds the funds, and you do not need to go through an agency or advertise the property yourself outside of Airbnb. However, please take this post seriously because an Airbnb long term rental is a serious commitment. I want to be honest with you because some guests have bad intentions. Be careful of the people that you allow to book your space. I cannot tell you that identification verification, profile pictures, comments, and a legit story will lead to a great guest. I am here to tell you to go with your gut feeling. When hosting on Airbnb do not solely think about the money that hosting on Airbnb will bring; instead, think of the long-term upkeep of your property. Not everyone belongs in your space and will treat your space and belongings with care I recently had a guest that occupied my unit for eight months. I knew this guest could be a potential problem, but I proceeded with the check-in. The guest claimed he was from a nearby state relocating to my area. The guest explained he wanted to buy a home in the area of the Airbnb and wanted to see if they like the location. On the day of check-in, the guest asked to arrive early. After arriving early on camera, I saw the guest moving in larger personal items. This should have been the point where I set clear boundaries, but I did not. The guest invited family and friends to the space. They also were receiving mail which is also not good. I would have stopped this activity in the beginning because the guest stole my TV, iron, Hennessey, Bellaire Champagne, and bath and body work candles. Not to mention they left the place a complete mess.

Wow, Airbnb I was not expecting that with my very first reservation. I do not know the outcome of this story because my claims are still pending, so, look forward to another post. I hope this post helps someone that is thinking about Airbnb hosting. When I saw the condition of my space after my very first reservation, I must admit I was discouraged. Now, I am grateful that I was able to go through this experience. I am grateful because I can help people like you to improve by properly setting limitations and boundaries, your dos and your don’ts. Do not be discouraged from Airbnb hosting; I am sure this type of thing does not happen often. In fact, it is normal in a very business to once in a while encounter a disgruntled customer and record a negative review. The central Florida area where I am located has many great Airbnb stops to check out, especially, near Disney. You too can become an Airbnb host. I want to assist you, I am a realtor in the Central Florida area, and I would appreciate your business. I am a professional that finds deep satisfaction in working hard with family and friends to help achieve their goals. Your maximum satisfaction is my utmost priority and I won’t relent until you are satisfied. Give me a call at (407) 405-1793 or email me at

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